Is the 1(U) compatible with wireless charging

i’m talking about wireless chargers based on RF (radio frequency) technology.
sorry for inserting a link here but just to clarify what i’m referring to

There’s no receiver for any type of wireless charger built-in, so there’s no compatibility out of the box. There’s also no known alternative battery, let alone one with integrated wireless charging capability. As the FP1(U) backcover is made of metal, I would expect there to be problems with efficiency if you’d manage to add a receiver inside the battery compartment anyway. That means the only option would be to add a receiving adapter inside a case and to connect it to the phone via the USB port (but be aware that the FP1(U) USB port is not in the middle of the device - it may difficult to find a suitable adapter). If you’re not sure what I mean by adapter in this scenario. search online for terms like “Qi wireless receiver”. I’ve not heard of anyone who has tried one of the mentioned after market options, so this is pure speculation.

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yeah would be a nice sollution for me because of my usb connector is broken, only works when cable is lifted to a certain point. thinking of useing a universal reciever and not using the backplate at all.

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You’d basically need to integrate one of these Thunderlink Rx modules with the Fairphone. (Maybe that’s a useful application for the FP2’s back connector?)

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