Is my way of retaining battery health correct?

When I first rooted my FP4 I was happy to find out that it supports battery idling - pausing battery usage and running the phone with an external power supply. I currently almost constantly have the phone connected to my charging cable (battery charge is restricted to 80%). I’m at home most of the time anyway so it mostly charges from 78% or 79% to 80%.

As far as I know modern batteries don’t care about how often you charge, only the charged capacity, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I also don’t think that idling the battery should have any negative effect but I don’t know enough about batteries to be sure. Does anyone have more insight?


The nearer a battery’s charge is to 50%, the happier it will be. This, like when I’m on holiday, means that the battery isn’t doing any work :stuck_out_tongue:

The manufacturer of my PC laptop provides software which allows the charge to be limited to a certain level. 60% is indicated for “maximum lifespan”, in other words the best setting if you want the battery to last as many years as possible. This is great, because my PC spends most of the time at home, I don’t use the battery very often.
I keep my FP3 between 35% and 70% most of the time.

So what you are doing is fine, but if you can restrict charge to a lower level that would be even better, given that most of the time you don’t need a high charge level.


My FP3+ (Android 10) doesn’t support idling as far as I know.
So I am used to plug it out at 80% and start to charge around 35% - I do leave the house sometimes.

Batteries get stressed either by getting wholly full or totally empty.
The “home” for batteries is 50%. This is the exact range where there is the smallest ammount of keeping or being torn, and so it is the “healthiest” status of a battery.
As far as I understand.

That is actually great info, I didn’t know that! Guess I’ll set my max charge to 50%, it’s not like I need more atm

You may find it ‘comforting’ to check the battery temp occasionally if you have it on idle for long. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve been doing that, it’s at a nice 20° in standby and like 30° max when I’m using it. No comparison to the 38-40° from the crappy replacement battery I used in my old phone.

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