Is my FP2 entirely dead now? Can I at least retrieve data?

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Since a few days now my FP2 is dead. I didnt put it on the table gently enough and it went black. Nothing special so far, some of you probably know this.

The problem is that this time I wasnt able to switch it on again. The only sign of life it shows is the constant red LED when connected to the charger. It wont change color no matter how long I charge it. I tried switching my batteries back and forth, but that didnt work either (it did when I had the same problem a few weeks ago).

I really wonder which part might be faulty. I dont think the battery is as its quite new. Also the phone doesnt change behavior when charging without battery.
I have Lineage OS installed, if that means something.

Do you know any tricks I could try to revive it?
Do you know if there is at least a way to retrieve the data?

Thank you all helpful angels!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

The connection between the display module and the core module might be the problem. Try gently pushing (pinching) together front and back in the middle-left aread of the display.

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Thank you
Ive already tried that, but it didnt work

Is there a way to access the content of the internal storage when the phone is dead?

Professional data recovery services can do it, if you want to pay the price (not cheap).

Is your phone detected when plugged to your computer?


What confuses me most is the constantly red LED when plugged in. It wont turn green, no matter for how long I charge it.
I tried with two batteries and the behavior didnt change, so I dont think they are the problem.
I really wonder which part might be faulty. Probably the mainboard, huh?
Is there a chance that this “baking” solution could fix it?
I dont think its a software problem either, because it wont boot into recovery either.

Thank you!

The “baking” hack is usually meant to address a connection issue between core and display module.

A problem with the USB port (in the bottom Module) is another vague possibility. A working bottom module should continuously reboot the phone when you try to charge the phone without a battery inside. You should notice this by recurring vibration of the phone (with several seconds in between vibrations).


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