Is it worth to buy a Fairphone 2 in 2017?

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Handling an iPhone is a nightmare. I have to be very careful when pressing the button, because it will probably send my fingerprints to Apple.


Is it worth to buy a Fairphone 2 in 2017?
Not because it´s maybe based on old technology.

But FP2 has many quality problems.
And the fairphone company has many service issues.

If you need a new display (and a look in this forum tells you something like: Who not ?) and after 6 week of no response of the service team you buy it on your own (surprise: It´s possible to order !) you get the message:
Everybody only ONE display!
That´s no problem for me (in the moment…), but whats the reason?
Are the people want to order 3 because there want to you use the phone for more than 6 months ?

Maybe this is ironic, maybe its only real + sad …

A really disappointed user

[FP1 > bad battery > No spare parts anymore > No FP2 available > bought used FP2 3 months ago > now 2 months on trouble]

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They are still building up stock. I suppose it makes sense to sell one display per person (or more, if you bought more then one fairphone of course, to prevent people from stocking displays and selling them overpriced at eBay or something.

The answer to your question depends on a few factors:

  1. How long do you think you’ll be able to use your current phone? Ie. how near EOL is your current phone, and how much can you stretch that?
  2. How important do you find the various strengths of the Fairphone? Ie. modularity, freedom of (open source) OS, easiness to replace hardware, sustainability of materials used, and the workers who made the hardware being paid and handled fair according to local ethics?
  3. How important do you find the disadvantages of the Fairphone? Mainly, that the hardware is at this time a bit outdated, that the price of the product didn’t go down compared to initial launch (for reasons, but still), and long wait times on delivery and customer support.

Nobody but you can answer your question or these subquestions. There’s no easy yes/no.


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