Is it safe to re-lock the bootloader?

I read in the “Manage your bootloader” guide (

Sometimes, after locking the bootloader, the phone can not boot anymore. Please contact our Customer Support team if you encounter this.

Is it safe to do it? Should I keep the bootloader unlocked? Is it safe to keep the bootloader unlocked?


more details would be helpfull
what have you done?
If you did nothing, your bootloader is locked and ther’s no need to worry

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I unlocked it, but still I haven’t done the “unlock_critical” part. First I wanted to make sure the consequences of this.

I have Fairphone OS and want to install /e/OS. I should probably have bought the Murena shop version with /e/ preinstalled, but some reasons made me buy it from Fairphone website directly.

the consequence is, that you can still brick your device if you re-lock it. That’s still true.

If you want to install /e/OS you have to unlock it und you have to unlock the criticals

After you have installed /e/OS and you have booted into the system without re-locking the bootloader (but relocking the criticals) and you have checked that all works and that “allow OEM unlocking” is still checked (but maybe greyed out) in developers option, you can boot back in fastboot mode and double-chek with the command:
fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
If you get 1 NOT 0 then it is nearly safe to re-lock the bootloader
If you get 0, don’t re-lock it!

But until now there is NO no 100% guarantee that it will work

You can work with a open bottloader, that’s not the problem
Maybe some banking apps will not work. And if you leave your phone not alone, that somebody can re-flash it, it’s nearly safe. Depends on you if you accept this


Thank you for the information!!! Very clear. Just two more questions:

  1. Is it an important issue to have the bootloader unlocked? I guess no one can do important things unless they have physical access to the phone, right?

  2. Is the Fairphone team working on solving this issue?

Thank you!!

typically yes. Until it is just open but not also rooted. Then, in my understanding, someone really has to have physical access

nobody knows, what the guys are doing…they don’t let themselves be heard here and don’t give out any information either. but you should assume so. I can’t imagine that the topic hasn’t reached you yet. When could something come? Nobody knows…

Thank you so much!! Since anyway I already unlocked my device, I’ll install /e/ and go on like that, thank you!

I also contacted support about this topic, hope they work on this!

Actually they are already working on it…still I’m not sure if I would like to test…


In addition to what @AlphaElwedritsch wrote (especially that there’s no risk as long as get_unlock_ability is set to 1): the problem (possible bricking) with locking the bootloader after installing /e/OS has alrady been fixed. So relocking the bootloader should now work without any problem.


Thank you all!! I followed your instructions and no problem at all locking the device back.

Best regards!


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