Is it safe to lock bootloader?

thanks for the correction @yvmuell , though i don’t understand it fully the way you describe. it’s not in the rollback tutorial either, where does one find the correct commands in the right order?
i am not sure if i ever will lock my bootloader again (device theft is not my biggest fear) when i get my fairphone back debricked. but a detailed explaination or more details in the tutorial would definitely help, i believe.

Yes the Fairphone tutorial is not good or complete.

Those information is spread over the forum in various topics

I personally would also not lock my bootloader.

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Update: got an OTA update, installed it without problems. Made sure this was the right security patch level and was able to lock the bootloader again.


hi again, just to confirm: is the fairphone tutorial for relocking the bootloader still in the incomplete/misleading state? and the important suggestions from yvmuell are still not in there?

i am asking, because i gave feedback to fairphone support in our mail conversation and i used the feedback form on the tutorial itself. seems, nobody took a look and people still can walk into this trap.

am i right?