Is it possible to take android phone calls on PC?

Hello there,

I sometimes take long calls on my fair phone 4(Cell and Appcalls). And since I work on my PC, I would like to do these calls on my PC (with the right headset, if possible, on Linux). I’m therefore asking you if anybody here got something like this working or knew how to get this working and if yes, how?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hello. It can be done using Microsoft’s Link to Windows app. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything similar for Linux.

Thank you. That helps when I’m on Windows or have a planed call.

Have you tried it? How’s the audio quality these days? I tried it about 2 years ago and it was near unusable.

No, I haven’t, so I can’t really speak about the quality. :man_shrugging: I just know that it exists and what it can do.

Wouldn‘t it be easier to make the calls with the headset connected to the phone?

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I don’t know if this works since it has an USB 2.0-Type A adapter. (And I don’t have an adapter A-to-C available.)

I was thinking about a Bluetooth headset. With multi device capabilities, it could be connected to PC an Smartphone at the same time.


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