Is it possible to repair the components in a module?

For example the microphones in the Fairphone 4 core module?
And if the component is soldered, could it be just desoldered and replaced?

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the user forum. As this would void warranty I guess you will find no one who will open the modules for fun to test…i also guess the mic is no spare part sold in the shop.

Thanks. I do not want to, just theoretically. For example if cannot get a core modul to replace because of the microphones.

For the FP2 e.g. the bottom module was opened for mic repair, when it was broken and core module issues could be fixed by soldering through baking. So somehow there might be options, however to answer e.g. if the mic could be repaired for FP4 I would say you would have to open (whats mostlikely possible) and take a look, what no one will do I guess…

Edit: unfortunately ifixit is not planning a teardown for the the FP4, which would answer such questions

Well yes if you have the skills and can find a replacement mic. But as yvmuell has mentioned, unless a mic goes without ‘good’ reason whereby the warranty can be used it’s going to take a while until someone tries, hopefully :slight_smile:

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