Is it possible to install Google Expeditions on a FP1?

Hi, I am a teacher and would really like to use this app with my students. I suspect that the answer is ‘no’ and I need to buy a new phone, but any advice would be much appreciated. The Google Play store works on my phone but says that my device is not compatible with the current version of the app. Many thanks in advance.

You are probably right. Maybe the app is compatible with the FP1 Android 4.4 alpha.

It’s running fine on Fairphone 2, though. Maybe buy a used one from the marketplace in this forum?

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Never heard of this app before, but of course got curious.
From what I understand on the respective Google homepage
"A mobile device for the guide—we recommend a tablet."
a FP1 will at least make the experience extremely unsatisfactory; even if Android 4.4 alpha works.

But as a mobile phone I guess it will be possible, although I fear it might be no fun to use this app on a FP1, even as the requirements are met.
1 GB RAM - matched by FP1
Gyroscope and accelerometer - matched
Android 4.4 - might be matched by the alpha version (with its flaws)

High resolution screen 720p or 1080p - done (960x540 pixel)
2 GB RAM (better 3 oder 4 GB) - nope, just 1 GB
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi support - done
a graphics processing unit (GPU) supporting 3D viewing - the PowerVR SGX544 GPU, that is part of the Mediatek MT6589 used for the FP1 delivers low benchmarks only, as you can see here:

Well, as the FP1 just meets the specs and clearly lacks desired RAM, I would not spend my time trying it. But I am sure curious to learn from you, should you give it a chance.


The Kitkat alpha can be downloaded from this post and installation instructions are pretty straightforward:

Mind that the “rough edges” are very few and I’ve been using this build for over a year without major problems.

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Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

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