Is it possible to have a different ringtone for each sim?

The title says it all really. I can’t find a way to select a different audio profile for each sim. It would be useful to know which number is being called without having to look at the phone.

I found an app, that might help you with that:
DualSim Ringtone

Couldn’t try it myself though, since I don’t have a second sim in use. Maybe someone else knows more about whether this can be set up without additional apps.


I’ve installed this app and it works.


Excellent suggestion @Kris_S, I’ll try that myself :wink:

Thanks @Kris_S, that’s worked fine. :smile:

First time I have a dual sim and I have had no time to check it yet, but I hope Llama knows how to switch a SIM on and off. This is one of the apps I use the most!

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is there any possibility to get this app without google Playstore?
I am still unwilling to use google Apps or any google product… with the Exception of Android.

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I had DualSim Ringtone installed, even paid for it, but then saw how many permissions it needed, i.e. read SMS. This seemed excessive for such an app so I disabled it for the moment.

My question is: Is it not possible to have the possibility to choose a ringtone for each sim incorporated in the basic Fairphone OS? I saw on my wife’s Acer dual sim phone that it is incorporated, you can easily select a ringtone for each sim.

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Try the following:

I have used some times and it works fine. I didn’t notice issues.