Is it ok to sell electronic products (e.g. batteries) without a warranty?

Nice idea, but:

How does that decision comply with the consumer law? Are you offering new or used batteries?


As I understand it, it’s the generic HB5N1H battery wrapped in a way, that it fits the battery compartment of the FP1 perfectly. So it’s a new one, but not an original and therefore - as it is not meant for the FP1 - obviously used without any warranty.

You can save some money buying a generic HB5N1H battery for Huawei and using a spacer made from cardboard, plastics etc. The advantage of this pack is just the easy handling.

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Hello Gerry,

Hope you are doing well.
The pack I offer is a new battery with a spacer.
Not beautiful but dos the job.
Best regards,
Alain Bantli

Hi Alain,

So why do you exclude any warranty for it?

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Hello Gerry,

Because its not an OEM approved Fairphone battery.
So nobody wants to to take the risk of any warranty. In fact I have taken already a lot of risk by offering that pack as Fairphone wants me to stop offering it.
Think they are alerted by the Samsung case and do not want to risk anything as they are low on budget I suppose.

Alain Bantli

Dear Alain,

Right, the final product has not been manufactured by Fairphone but by yourself. But in regard to warranty, that does not matter:

You make business with selling new batteries and flout the consumers law to grant/pass a warranty period? Do you order the batteries without any warranty?

Do you mean Fairphone should take risk for using your batteries?

Please explain your point, thank you in advance.

Morning Gerry,

I have an insurance for possible issues.
Please note, Fairphone has nothing to do with that recovery pack.
It is something I came up with only for the Fairphone community, so no comercialized and therefore with some restrictions.

Best regards,

Morning, Alain,

I understand your argumentation, as long as you sell your batteries as a private person. But:

You mean, your company has an insurance, because the impressum on your website says:

(Translation: “Dr. Akku is a project of the company Bantli Services”)

How can “Dr. Akku” market a product and declare its marketing to be non-commercial?

To answer the title of the thread:

Yes for private persons, no for companies/resellers selling new batteries.

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