Is "hands free" communication possible with FP1?

Since I have to travel a lot by car I got myself a “portable communication device”: JBL trip by JBL/Harman. It promises “hands free” communication and says, I could activate “Ok Google” by pushing the microphone button when FP1 and JBL are connected via bluetooth. That works fine when I start the google app manually - but while driving it would be helpful, if my FP1 (Android 4.2.2) wouldn’t lock so it can be activated by pushing the “microphone button” - as said in the manual.
My question: Can I register “trusted devices” that are excluded from the automatic lock of the FP1? If so: how?! Or if there are other ways.
Looking forward for any suggestions and help.

It may be possible using Gravity Box, which however requires the xposed framework. For example, I configured it in a way that my phone isn’t locked when in my home WIFI.
But that may also go easier with certain apps. When looking at the play store you can find apps that relate to “smart unlock”, working from Android 4+. Maybe you find something there.

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Thanks! I already tried “Bluetooth Auto Connect” - which worked fine in the first place, then didn’t anymore. Have to figure out the reason.

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