Is FP5 working everywhere in the world?

Hello everybody, I’m seriously thinking about switching to FP5 within a year or so, but I’m a bit worried as my job brings me to travel worldwide, and I really really need my phone to work properly as is an important tool of my daily routine for making reports and connecting with the technical office or consulting documents from the cloud.

Is there a list of Countries where the device isn’t working for some reason or I can expect to go on as I do with my current Redmi device?


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Hi, there is a official statement from Fairphone at this Website . The FP5 covers the most of the needed LTE/5G bands which are used at the moment. There are some missing (for example n40 or n26) but at least, one band should be supported in any country on this world. Maybe you can use KIMOVIL Frequency check ( ) to compare it with your current phone which bands are supported and which not.


Hi Bastian, thanks so much for your answer, I hope I can make it out properly in the next months!

It is working in the USA.
My only complaint is that it gets too hot in Texas.

Hi, thanks for this little tip, it could be important :slight_smile:

May I ask if you’re experiencing battery drainage?



There are some discussions on Reddit about this (particularly the USA) - see: this reddit link

I had patchy coverage in the USA in April 2024 with t-mobile (UK EE SIM) on my FP5.