Is FP4 compatible with the Mirabook?

Hi, I own a FP4 and would be interested in buying a Mirabook. The website states that “only devices with Display-Port will work and USB Type-C technology are compatible with the Mirabook” : would that fit with the FP4 ?

Thanks !


MIRAXESS founder here.
I have been trying to enter in contact with the fairphone brand for a few months without any success.
Yes the FP4 is compatible in the sense of : you are able to mirror your screen on the Mirabook. However, there is no native desktop mode like Samsung DeX. There is one very basic in the developer’s option that you can activate though.
Here is a picture of the Mirabook lapdock working with Fairphone


Hi, thanks for your prompt reply !



Lately I used Lawnchair 2 wich brings its own desktop mode. Works fine with the FP4.

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