Is Fairphone accessible for Blind/Low vision Folks?

Hello, I am in love with the message of the Fairphone but my biggest concern is accessibility. I am low vision and I need good accessibility like voice over/ zoom. I know that the current OS is on Android Marshmallow,

Should I wait until there are better improvements to the Fairphone like Andorid Oreo and a bigger screen? How long until a bigger screen at least?

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Hello @Vivian

That both already exists in Marshmallow, along with a setting for bigger text, inverted colors and so on. I never used any of that and I probably wouldn’t be the best judge for how well these functions work.
Maybe you could meet up with a #fairphoneangels near you to see the phone up close and try these functions yourself?


I’m from the states, so that’s unlikely :confused: My problem is the screen so I guess I’ll wait for Fairphone 3 or what have you.

Also, I’m pretty attached to my Google pixel 2 XL hardware, any tips on how to detach myself from this mindset to buy the Fairphone in the future? I know the message of the phone and all but I love my pixel lol

The Fairphone 2 is designed for Europe, you can’t buy it in the US, and it has pretty limited use for US network bands, please have a read here …


As far as I know, that’s not really a solution, as - up to now - there is no information on a next Fairphone; neither a date, nor the screen-size have been published or leaked (if Fairpohne themselfes even have any information on that).


Okay, so I hope Fairphone takes into consideration accessibility features for the Fairphone 3. I really hope Fairphone can expand to the U.S., and if so, to be with Virgin Mobile because its the most ethical company.

I’m aware it’s probably not urgent for you now, but if you want, I can put you in touch (email) with a low vision FP2 owner in Nuremberg (Germany).

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That would be amazing and most appreciated! Can i DM you my email?

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