Is FairPhone 3 OTG compatible?

I just bought a SanDisk Dual Drive USB-A/USB-C 32GB.
I installed the SanDisk Memory Zone application.
But this application can’t find my SanDisk Dual Drive.
Is FairPhone 3 OTG compatible ?
If yes, have one to activate OTG facility ?
If yes, how ?
Thanks for any help.

Hello All,
Trouble came from rubber bumper around FairPhone 3, that prevent SanDisk’s USB-C plug to insert deep enough in to the USB-C receptacle.
Thus I broke the plastic housing of the SanDisk Dual Drive.
Now it’s OK, I can insert the SanDisk Dual Drive (without it’s plastic housing) into my FairPhone 3 (still surrounded by his rubber bumper).
Sorry for bothering you for so little.


So nice of you to tell us how you solved it.
This could be a help for somebody else getting the same problem.


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