Is Fairphone 2's screen glass durable?

What do you mean by: [quote=“anon9505190, post:160, topic:11491”]
the probable danger of glass and display scrapes for FP2 is the same as with every mobile phone.
[/quote] ?

Is it scratched already? And if not then what makes you think it’s just as likely to as any other phone?


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If it was scraped you would have known better given my post

What makes you think I insinuated low quality of FPs materials ?
However I will buy thin transparent to attach as for any other phone. You not ?

never mind

Of course, it is no business of mine whether you buy a screen protector, I don’t know if I will or not, since there isn’t one designed specifically for this phone, and because in theory the screen is supposed to be pretty durable. If there is reason to believe it will scratch however I may try to find one, I just didn’t understand what you meant because if it’s not scratched then how do you know the danger is the same as with every mobile phone? I wasn’t meaning to offend you, I just don’t understand what you meant…

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I can see only 2-3 fine scratch lines on my two year old FP1’s screen. Other than that it looks like on the first day. I always kept my FP1 in a sleeve and avoided to put it in the same pocket as keys and coins (mostly in the back pocket of my trousers).

Generally speaking, the FP1 had a Dragontrail Glass and the FP2 has a Gorilla Glass 3. There are Gorilla Glass 3 tests on Youtube:

Tipp: Switch to HD quality! :slight_smile:


The split of the discussion is a good point. It shows that even good glass material is worth talking about it.
However adding thin protections sheets of FP whether it’s a gift or a part of the FP philosophy would be a characteristic feature that doesnot cost much. If I would have found it while unpacking my thoughts would be that FP are serious about sustainability because they even add protective sheets although they chose first class gorilla glass for the display.


For suggestions for screen protectors have a look here:
Cases and screen protectors for fairphone 2

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