Is Fairphone 2 out of control?

Customers don’t want to wait so long for their device. They will switch to the usual devices.
The same for spare parts. Most people buying a FP don’t care about high-end-technology.
When they cannot fulfill their promises, it will end up in bankruptcy, because nobody will
trust them any more. There are several places like “Heise” where you can read about the
problems they have.
If I wanted a high-end device, I would have bought it for the same price.
FP customers differ from “normal” ones. until now, I was not able to convince anybody of
the reasons to buy a FP. The only argument, where they have shown a bit of interest
was the easy repairing. But how to do this without spare parts?
I like my FP2, but I bought it to last at least 4 years. And during this time, I want spare
parts available within a maximum of 2 weeks. And during this time, I am sure, I will need
1 or 2 battery replacements. And I expect a secure and recent google-free OS. And I
don’t use the FPOS. I use LineageOS ported by the community. Another reason I
bought it, is the possibility to switch to SailfishOS, also ported by the community. Why
the hell is FP choosing Ubuntu Touch as official alternative? I am sure, nearly nobody
will use it. They should talk to Jolla…
I stop here, I am getting offtopic :wink:

You are right, it’s getting off-topic (again after this discussion had been split up… :sweat_smile:). I’ll just reply to one statement:

You are getting something COMPLETELY wrong here. The only official OSes Fairphone has chosen are Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS.

What’s true is that ubports has chosen the Fairphone 2 as one of their official reference devices. Ubports is a community group like LineageOS and just because some day hopefully LOS will be officially supported by the LineageOS community will not mean that Fairphone gives support for it.

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I feel like a broken record, but here I go again: Fairphone never promised anything, ever! They can’t! Nobody can promise any of the things that people keep claiming that Fairphone has promised.

Clearly more than enough people trust them, otherwise the demand wouldn’t be higher than the supply and therefore I wouldn’t worry about that.

None of the alternative OSes are officially supported by FP. They don’t have the resources to support alternative OSes. Ubuntu on the FP may be officially supported by UB Ports, but that doesn’t mean they get special treatment from Fairphone.

If nobody used it the community wouldn’t have ported it.


Ok, promises is the wrong word. Let’s call it advertising.
But I don’t want to struggle about the right word, promise or advertisement.
From the FP site:

Not officially supported, right. But they announced a cooperation with UB Ports. Or is cooperation also the wrong word?

When I ordered my device last year, I sounded promising to me. Now I have to decide to buy a further device. And this decision is not easy for me.

The FP2 is fully price justified. I would have paid 100€ more. But I also have expectations.
I would give something for your patience and confidence. Don’t you really have any criticism about FP?

I removed above posts from the “original” topic as this was getting off-topic again.
I also set this topic to auto-close soon, as it’s not really a new discussion either.

I genuinely can’t think of any important thing where I believe Fairphone did something wrong. I do believe in retrospect some things could have been done even better and if I was a time traveler and could go back and tell them about some of the struggles they would face over time, I’m sure they would optimize some things.
The only - completely minor - thing I personally dislike a little bit about Fairphone is that they seem to prefer Open Source and permissive licenses over Free Software and viral licenses. But I don’t complain, because I think the battle between sustainable marketing and capitalism has priority over the slight disagreement between Free and Open Source Software.

That permanent moving of posts is pulling them out of context.

I am tired of writing against (enthusiastic) moderators only, who call everything fine. That makes no sense to me.

I give up!

The constant getting off topic is making your posts out of context anyway (I did add a quote to your first post to provide context though) and naturally calls for moderators.
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