Is discourse complicated?

1- Of course drivers are involved. No need to mention that.
2- I apologise if I went into things that have already been covered elsewhere on the forum.
But I do have an excuse: although I’m active on a lot of forums and I have no problems there, this one is by far the most complicated. It is utterly impossible to follow even your own contributions, let alone other’s threads.


I want to apologize too. I got annoyed because I was in this discussion once before and had high hopes that were disenchanted.

My post here might lead you to relevant discussions in that regard. And it might give you a better image of myself - it seems I was in a better mood when I wrote that post: :smiley:


Define “impossible” … here they are :wink: .

That depends on what you mean … if you want to keep a collection of topics to revisit, you could e.g. bookmark a post in those topics …



… and you would find them here.

Or you could choose from some options for each topic …

Perhaps there’s even more stuff, but I’m no Discourse expert.


Believe me: this is by far the most complicated forum (software) I ever encountered. That and only that is the reason I’m not very often on this forum (although I’m still very interested in FP and I still use my FP1).

I am quite new to such a forum as I usually do not register to any.
I don´t see a big problem in using it, but every now and then I do learn some more. It´s not that I am new to computers though.
For me it´s by far the most friendly forum I have encountered.
What´s your point of saying it´s far to complicated?


Believe me: I fail to see the big deal, so Hooray for diversity of opinions.

This was the first Discourse forum I encountered and I found getting into it fairly easy, all the common concepts are there … a profile, some preferences, threads (called topics), posts, personal messages, a search … not exactly revolutionary stuff throwing everything overboard and being solely out there to challenge (or annoy) people :slight_smile: .


I’m not going into details, as that’s far off-topic, but let me mention just one thing.
My internet connection is very bad (Intermittent; not the whole world has perfect internet) and that means that the auto-reloading pages often result in an empty screen.
Also the fact that pages are only partially loaded (and further loaded upon scrolling up/down) often result in empty or continuous reloading screens.

And as I mentioned before: I’m a regular guest on many forums, so I can easily compare the functionality. This forum is the only one I have issues with.


I moved this discussion, so it’s no longer off-topic.
So please elaborate as just stating “believe me, this is the most complicated forum” and then not explaining is quite trumpish.

There is a difference between a complicated forum and connectivity issues.


I have to admit, it took a long time for me as well to get the hang of it in this forum. I’ve been in plenty of forums before, I guess mostly phpBB or something very similar. The themes were different and maybe signatures allowed or not, with or without avatars, etc. But if you knew your way around one, you’d cope with the others, too.

The Fairphone forum looks, feels and operates a lot differently. And it was my first discourse forum. But I guess there are two aspects: the software and the way it is used. Compared to other forums I find this one rather strictly moderated in the sense that topics are split, merged and locked a lot more often than I was used to. At the beginning I constantly felt like I was doing things wrong. I guess all other forums I use just gave up trying to avoid duplicates etc. :wink: Which on the other hand means that we have a quite “well-behaved” community here (or mods who never sleep :laughing:).

Technically I can’t really say what were my biggest problems. Quoting/Replying is different. Indefinite scrolling vs. pages. There are so many new features that were confusing at the beginning. And it has a more modern, spacious (less concise) design I can’t seem to really get friends with :smiley: And I had a lot of problems finding topics I knew existed even if I bookmarked them. Some things just didn’t work like I’d expect and I couldn’t find the pattern behind them.


We are all vampires, didn’t you know? :vampire: :wink:


Yes, but other forum software doesn’t show “couldn’t load app” on an already loaded page when connectivity is gone temporarily. :wink:

Since Discourse people were aware that some people don’t feel as quickly at home here as others, they created @discobot. It PMs new users, but you can also have it guide you through the features of Discourse when you are an existing user.

Simply PM it with the following words:

@discobot start new user

Here is the reference blog entry:


That’s a valid point.
There are results of a somewhat overuse of dynamic stuff some of us are not too happy with either …

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Of course they are interrelated. This is quite clear, as all other forums I use are not hampered by this connectivity problem.

Maybe that’s my problem too; I’m not very often on this forum (or online at all).
But on the other hand: isn’t that the same as saying the forum is complicated?

Same here.

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