iPhone3: contact transfer on FP2

Hi, I followed the steps described in the FP support pages but the contacts on the iPhone do not show up on my G-drive. Somebody has a hint ? Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if chances are too great to get an answer in this forum. It sounds more like an iPhone/Google related problem… Once you have synced your contacts with Google and you have signed in on your Fairphone with your Google-Account, they should automatically show on your Fairphone.

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If that doesn’t work, maybe export the contacts, add them in MS Outlook and then use MyPhoneExplorer to push them onto the FP2…

Hi, thank you Jochen17 and Friek for your reply. Finally I succeded with CopyTrans (15€) to put the vCards on my PC and to push them on the Google Drive. No problem then to import them to the FP2.

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