Invisible unsent SMS / text message


I have a boring problem. 7 text messages neverr leave my phone. That happend. I resent it. But All seven continue to “tell” me their is a problem. But they are nowhere. I just don’t know where they are. So I can’t suppress it nor do nothing about it. I just have a constant message telle me about those 7 unsent messages.
How can I suppress the problematic messages, or stop these notification (without stoping the reception notification of course)


Which app are you using? Which provider do you have?

I have a notification for 7 unsent sms, but can’t find whcu sms, nor suppresse them… How can I suppress / repair/ stop those boring useless notification?
How can I suppress those “unexistant” messages?


Which app are you using? Which provider do you have?

I use the sms apps. The one which is provided with the bases apps.
I’m in France, and my operator is “FREE”. It seams the problem is on MMS, but I can’t be sure, because I can’t see which message didnt’ leave…

For MMS you have to use the APN settings for MMS. They are different from your internet APN settings.
Have a look here

It’s already activate. I did that the first day I had my fairphone, so I don’t think it’s related with this.

I just did the update, so maybe it will change…

Some providers don’t allow MMS over Wi-Fi. In these cases you need to be connected to mobile data, in order to send MMS. Have a look at your provider’s web page if that’s your case as well, or just switch mobile data on and see if they get sent …

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I can send MMS. I have no problem most of time.
But I have 7 unknown messages (they are NOWHERE) that I can’t suppress or send or nothing, because I just don’t see it.
It’s clearly a bug. When I select the notification, it drive me to the SMS/MMS app, but nothing happend.Even if I suppress the discussion I suspected to be responsable of that.
Gost messages. That’s really boring.

You could try to empty the cache of the sms app, in

settings–> apps --> all --> SMS/MMS

If this doesn’t help, you could try to delete all data from the sms app. But before that make sure that you have backed up your existing text messages, if you still need them!

Thanks. I tried that. The notification still not appeard. I’ll confirmed later if it really cancelled the bug!

Nope. Bug is back…

So you deleted all data from the SMS app and the notification still appears?

Yes. Notification continue. Come more often too… Sometimes I have 2 notification at the same time about that…

I just did a web search about Android and ghost SMS and it seems that this problem happens quite often. In this forum people were able to get rid of the notifications and ghost messages by using an app called “SMS cleaner”. Unfortunately, there is no link and on the playstore there are several apps with this name. But I would suggest to try them until it works…


Thanks @Irina_Spitznagel.
The only one it works with was Handsent NEXT SMS :
It’s an sms apps. I installed it, clean all my sms, and uninstalled it.

And no more ghost message since!


Same for me, this definitely IS an Android or Fairphone bug. Although rare, it seems. My provider also is “FREE”, and for your information Tillt, it appears the issue only happens for MMS.

Also, i think it happens for recipents with “particular” mobile number beginning with 0033 … or 07
I did clean my SMS with a third-party tool, but it is super bothering to do it all the time. There always come a point where the issue happen again.

**More details : ** I just had the issue with a contact beginning with 07. When i send my MMS, it just disppears - or rather appears nowhere in the thread. And the discussion thread is divided : the contact i just sent the MMS to appears twice in my discussion list. One thread for before the MMS, one thread for after.

Any help could be great.

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