Investor share certificates missing

I don’t know where is best to post this hoping somebody can tell me if this is not the place.

I supported Fairphone in the early days by investing €1000. I should have received share certificates in January 2019 but I did not get these. I am tried since December 2020 to get the certificates but I just get usual messages from the support people saying they have reached out the the Legal department but I never hear anything back. Anybody able to help me at all? I either want these share certificates or my money back.

I have alerted a Fairphone staff member about this.


I recieved a mail from Fairphone Crowdfunders on March 22ste 2019 with the title:
Fairphone Deed of Depositary Receipts.
And on the same day a mail also from Fairphone Crowdfunders with the title:
Additional information regarding Fairphone Deed of Depositary Receipts.

As far as know this are the certificates.
I raised a question about the value of this certificates per 01-01-2020 for income tax reasons.


Hi @joeirish,

Sorry to hear that. Could you pop me a DM with your email address? I can then ask someone from our legal department to get hold of you directly.



@Lidwien, did you ever receive a proper answer to that question? May I ask where you directed it to?
I’m faced with the same question for my 2020 income tax filing. I Have contacted about a “jaaropgave” but except for the customary “thank you”-notice, I have not yet received any reply.

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From the answer I received from Fairphone I quote:

For the amount to fill on your income tax paper;
Go to one planet crowd and log in to your account.
There you can see
‘Converted into shares’ and the amount that is stated there, is the amount you need for the income tax.

If you go to the ‘Annual overview 2019’ you can see that the value of your certificates is equal to the principal amount plus interest.

I hope this gives you enough information. If not, please ask again.


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