Investing in long-lasting design: Android 7 for the Fairphone 2

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Earlier this year we announced that we were working towards getting Android 7 into the hands of Fairphone 2 owners. It’s been a long wait, but we’re happy to say that, after months of hard work on development, Android 7.1.2 ‘Nougat’ will officially be available for the Fairphone 2. The upgrade will be rolled out over the coming weeks, so Fairphone 2 owners should keep an eye on their Fairphone Updater app! This is the second major Android upgrade for the Fairphone 2. In fact, our ethical, modular device is the only phone on the market with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset to make this upgrade.

Over the past year, our own software team and external partners have been actively developing Android 7 for the Fairphone 2. It has been a challenging process. For a small company like Fairphone, this was a big investment (in terms of hours worked, external development and certification costs) — but a crucial one in acknowledging the role software plays in smartphone longevity.

Why should you update?

While Android 7 isn’t too different from the Android 6 experience Fairphone 2 users are already familiar with, this upgrade offers a variety of benefits, including some new features to look forward to:
  • Help out your battery with Doze Mode 2.0: The Doze feature, introduced in Marshmallow (Android 6) and further refined in Nougat, keeps battery use low when you’re not using your phone.
  • Make the most of your data plan by keeping background apps in check with Data Saver: Android 7 keeps an eye on those apps quietly running in the background and eating up your data plan. Data Saver lets you keep those apps from running unless on WiFi.
  • No more lists cluttering up your pull-down window, thanks to bundled notifications: Android 7 bundles your notifications for clean, easy access. You can even respond to most notifications directly in a pop-up window without fully opening the relevant app.
  • Work in two apps simultaneously with the new split-screen mode: use more than one app in a single screen without having to flip back and forth.

You can find a complete list of features and specifications in the full release notes. We’ve also put together some handy info to help Fairphone 2 owners prepare for the upgrade. Visit our Android 7 Support Hub for a step-by-step guide and everything you need to know before updating (features, changes, known bugs and suggested workarounds included).

Aiming for longer-lasting over latest

As useful as such new features are, the primary motivation behind Android 7 is our goal to produce and support longer-lasting phones. This upgrade will make it possible for us to keep offering security updates for the Fairphone 2, protecting users and ensuring they can enjoy their devices for longer.

Keep an eye on the Fairphone updater over the coming weeks to see when Android 7 is available for your phone! Current Fairphone 2 owners will be encouraged to upgrade their software. The upgrade will be available in two different versions: standard and open (also called “Sibon”, formerly Fairphone Open). The open version is built on publicly available source code, and comes without pre-installed Google Mobile Services (GMS). And of course, any Fairphone 2 you order from us will also offer an update to Android 7.


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Reported issues and workarounds:

  • Reinstalling OpenGAPPS or installing XPosed via TWRP fails with “zip verification error” even if zip verification is disabled.
    • Fix: Upgrade TWRP first.

From the looks of it, hardware video decoding is not functional after the Android 7 upgrade, as described in this ticket. The main symptom is Youtube not playing videos smoothly when selecting a quality of 720p or 1080p. Instead, the picture is jittery. Secondly, the phone runs rather warm when playing videos which is bound to have a negative effect on battery life.

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See the press release below, posted to the office Fairphone press website.


Official blog information:

Please note that the upgrade will be spread gradually on a random pattern:

if_error_6299.png Attention

We are currently releasing Android 7 using a staged rollout. This means that the update will reach only a percentage of users, chosen randomly, which will increase over time.

If you are not a Google user please wait for our manual update file. We will make them available here soon.



Yippie! I rebooted, then Updater told me a new FP Open OS is available, downloaded, restarted and bingo everything seems good so far.
I noticed that I now seem to have Firefox Klar installed. What’s that for? Does it replace the old default ‘Browser’?


Hello all,
Thank you for this new release.
Yet another smooth update. Well done.


Fairphone Open, smooth update, just for some layouts I have to get used to.
Thanks to the Fairphone team and the testers for your efforts.

Edit: I forgot to mention that during the installation there were 2 lines saying

E: Unknown Command


I’m so glad I can finally come out with these :smile:


Hi there!

Update went smoothly on FP Open OS for me too :smiley: .
Everything seem to work fine. Good job!


To flashlight, or not to flashlight … that is the question :mage:

Everyone who reports a successful install, please let us know if you are able to shut down the device successfully without turning the flashlight/torch on right before shutting down.

Update 17 Nov 2018: Thanks for all your responses, I think it is clear by now that the shutdown bug persists with all FP2s running Android 7 (or the latest LineageOS) with the 12MP camera module. By now, please only report if the shutdown problem does not happen to you although the aforementioned conditions are given.


Kind of “Chinese Democracy” moment for all… :sunglasses:


nope… the phone just reboot… but shutdown with flashlight on…


Sorry to hear, but thanks for the quick clarification :+1:


On FP Open (old camera module) it was shutting down.


Firefox Klar is a privacy oriented browser by Mozilla. More important, it also brings its own browser engine. Google has started to update the browser via Google play a few years ago. That also means the old browser in Android 7.1.2 is outdated (roughly 2years old). Therefore Klar (or Focus) improves your browsing experience and security.


You’re wellcome. As long as I don’t need to do stranger things there’s no need to be sorry :wink:

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FPOOS: I cannot start in TWRP to install open gapps again. play services therefore constantly crashing…

The update for Open OS isn’t even supposed to be out yet. Where did you get it?

nice. I saw the announcement, checked the updater. it said new OS available, now updated: