Investing in long-lasting design: Android 7 for the Fairphone 2

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dank je well…
(it’s weird but not a ff issue…)

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What exactly does that mean? I use the stock OS, but disabled the app store and google services. Am I considered a Google user or not?


In this context, you are not. The update requires a newer version of the updater app, which is provided via Google’s play store.


@Monica.Ciovica Now that the Fairphone OS 18.09.2 install files were intended to be made available for download …
The link to the OTA update file here is wrong, it currently links to the manual install file from here. Could that be fixed, please?


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Are there already updates planned? My current security level is september 2018, already 4 months ago. This was one of the thing I did love of the Fairphone :slight_smile:.


Our software team is hard at work regarding the security updates. I can’t give you an exact date at the moment, hope to have more info in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:


I really feel glad for you not suffering any of the remaining bugs of Android7, so you can totally concentrate on receiving security updates. Good for you. :+1:

Considering the headline I think the shutdown bug turned out to be a show-stopper for new customers also in consideration of the total state of the FP2 which won’t get any better over time. Fixing this bug should have maximum priority over everything else.

To me it’s like one having to exit the (new) car through the trunk because all door locks are dysfunctional (by software control), but having the brakes in a perfect condition.
Or for the work-around - having to blow the horn for tree seconds to get the door locks responsive for opening from the inside. :thinking:
I think no one would buy such a car if only having the promise one of the next updates will fix it.


And how about the shutdown bug? Any news and progress on this to share for us? The community is still in a waiting position.

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Easy on. I suffering some of the bugs however not really frustrating to in the way I use my phone I am sorry for who does. The shutdown bugs feels like a bad joke if you see the work around. But you are right Fairphine should fix these bugs.


Hello Monica

Publishing the full release notes clearly is not so very important compared for example to security updates, but it could have been done already if regarded as a minor task of every release itself.
And transparency is an important achievement of Fairphone as an ethical enterprise.
Please publish them before the next update is released :wink:

There is a Dutch article from yesterday (15.1.2019) that headlines (translated) "Fairphone examines Oreo update for four-year-old Fairphone 2"

Apparently Androidplanet.nl spoke to “Fabian Hühne, spokesman for the Dutch device maker” (again translated from the article). "When asked if the Fairphone 2 gets any more updates, Hühne replies: ‘We are currently investigating whether it is possible to update the Fairphone 2 to Oreo.’ He continues: ‘We are technically involved, but we do it again alone and therefore can not guarantee that we will succeed.’ "

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This is a tricky one. I am 100% on board with transparency, but I feel that sometimes we should simply be a bit more patient. Mind you, the release notes for Android 7 have been available since release last November or December, and I always had the impression that FP has been on the ball with this one. I agree that updates on existing issues would be much appreciated, but (overstretched) devs will have to balance their time well between talking about issues and just trying to fix them. If there’s nothing to report, there’s not much point in stating that explicitly on a regular basis. Perhaps we should just be a little more patient and trust in the competence on the team. The expectation has always been one update per month, and now that the Android 7 upgrade is out the door I will personally feel that, despite the list of regressions, this is a reasonable expectation. That being said, I encourage Fairphone to keep us informed if they choose to diverge from the monthly update schedule this January.

On a slight aside, if I may take the freedom to vent a little bit: based on my personal observations, it is increasingly looking as if the Android 7 bug tracker is being mistaken for a first line customer support channel. Issues aren’t properly scoped, duplicates are reported every other day and multiple problems are aggregated in a single report. For a developer, having to spend a lot of time filtering the signal from the noise makes it less appealing to communicate in the first place, especially if work needs to be done. I applaud the transparency potential of the bug tracker, but it should be used responsibly and with the knowledge that most problems do not require developer intervening. Bugging developers for these issues rather than the community or customer support agents will direct their valuable time away from software improvements, holding back progress for everyone.


I did not address the bug tracker but the official release notes for already released versions. (The remedy for overloaded developers here is to establish more discipline in the bug reporting process.) Their components should be known by the release date. Publishing them does not take much time. Overloaded developers may forget this additional task, I understand. But is it really unfriendly to ask for it more than one month after the release?

Hi kiepcool, apologies but I’m a bit confused regarding what you are referring to. Are you talking about the release notes? They are up to date.

Hi Monica, perhaps I don’t understand the following sentence:

  • See the Android 7 overview for a shortlist. The extended list will be updated later on this page.

This is unchanged since November 2018. And I understand it as if the details are still to come. Am I wrong? I do not want to bother anyone.

Ah thank you for that clarification. You’re right that I overlooked the promise there, and it’d be appropiate if they followed up on that! :slight_smile: If you’re interested in learning more: the phone status page in the settings menu reports a patch level of “1 September 2018”. You can look up the Android 7 security bulletins for this release and the previous few to find out more about which patches this includes on the security side of things. Potentially the release contains a few fixes from later patch levels, but at least one patch from the September 5 patch level must be missing.

Hi kiepcool, can you please redirect me to the source from where you got this quote?

Hi Monica
It is the official Fairphone release notes page that you are also referring to in your first contribution opening this subject:

Now is see, apologies!
I was looking and couldn’t find the quote in the blog above. I have raised this with my colleagues from the software team, and we have removed that for now - as they are not sure when or in what format they will create the list. Thank you for raising this! I hope to have more information soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all,
We have released a small information update on the Android 7 developments. You can read it here: https://www.fairphone.com/en/2019/01/23/whats-next-for-android-7-on-fairphone-2/