"Invalid file downloaded: wrong md5" on Update 1.2.8 -> 1.3.6

When I start the update 1.3.6 on my FP2 (1.2.8 installed) it is downloading the update. After finished downloading it says “just a moment”. A few seconds later it goes back to the install update screen with a little bubble popping up that says:
“Invalid file downloaded: wrong md5”

Can anyone help me with that? Is there a known solution?


Did you try it again?
If the md5sum is not correct, the file may have gotten corrupted during the download.

We had the same situation with another user in the German facebook group “Fairphone-Freunde”. The only solution we came up with (after clearing cache and data of the Updater App, rebooting etc.) was to manually install the update. This finally worked. So, you could try to manually update. Hope this helps in your case too.

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@freibadschwimmer tried about 10 times
@Juli_R will try that, thanks.

@Juli_R worked, thanks again!