Introducing topic templates for the market subcategories

Dear forum members,

We have introduced templates for the #market subcategories,
They are meant to make transactions easier by presenting all necessary information right at the start and ordered by questions.

We value your input and experience. Please have a look and check them out (but don’t post any test topics please :wink:)! We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, and even more so if you think they should be improved.

Your Moderators :slight_smile:


Just in case anyone else (like me) doesn’t “find” the templates right away: Just enter one of the four subcategories (“Giveaway”, “Buy”, “Swap”, “Sell”) and then hit “+ New Topic” to see each template. Just do not “publish” it ("+ Create Topic").

I think we used to have such templates before and in my memory people kept posting both their own text and the template instructions/questions eventually. Might have to live with that now, too.


You are right, I did a quick search and found this topic. I wasn’t aware.

I think the only way to know whether there is a difference and whether it’s a good idea is making them live and see what happens.


I think it’s a great idea - curious to see if it’ll improve things. It may save @Lidwien the hassle of repeatedly asking for date & time pictures!

How about adding an instruction for OPs to mark their threads with SOLD or GONE or FOUND ONE when a transaction has been completed? We don’t want to overwhelm people with a wall of text, but it would make it easier to see which threads can be closed and it prevents that situation where a market thread just turns into a chain of people asking “hey is this still for sale I’m interested”


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