Introducing the Fairphone Community Book Club

Let me start this by saying I don’t read much, but that’s just because I rarely get my hands on a book that really resonates with me. I’d like to change that so I’m starting the Fairphone Community Book Club.

So here is how this works: Anyone who wants to participate can suggest a book (add it to the list below, this is a wiki), when we gathered a few suggestions we make a quick poll and the book with the most votes will be the next book we all read and then discuss here.


  • Suggested books have to be available in English.
  • They don’t have to be related to the Fairphone movement (they can be), but at least they should have some message and not be just entertainment.

Suggestions for the next book:


I assume common book language should remain in English?? As some titles may not be available in other languages (not translated yet).
So I believe the biggest audience could be reached with English. If a good book got much attention it probably is in English already or English is most sure among the translations.

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Yes, good point. The books should definitely be available in English. I added a rules section above.

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Now that the first wave of Android 7 upgrade questions is survived it’s time to get this project going. So I moved this topic to #discuss:the-forum for now to make it more visible (see this issue).
Anybody got some more good suggestions for our first book?

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