Interviews for research on social enterprises

Hi everyone! I am a student at VU Amsterdam and I am doing research on social enterprises. I would like to ask a maximum of 10 people who are in the Fairphone community to take part in an interview about their views on them. It will last around 5 minutes.
I’d be really grateful if you can help me! :slight_smile:


I just did the interview with @Fiede97 and it was really nice. Unfortunately, he has only had 2 interviewees so far.

@Angels would anyone of you be interested in doing an interview? It doesn’t take long and it’s fun :slight_smile:
@rae would you want to do that too? Federico told me that he would be very happy for getting an “official” response from someone working at Fairphone.


@Fiede97 I volunteer with pleasure!

If the interview can be on an afternoon or early evening then count me in.


I am available for an interview. Meeting online (or live) is fine.
I like the idea:-)

Kind regards,

Pieter Nobel
Fairphone Angel (region Amsterdam)
(Lives in centre of Almere Haven, Flevoland)
Telephone number: [XXXXXXX] (Call, SMS, Whatsapp, Signal)
Usually available as Fairphone angel or volunteer in general: Monday and Friday

EDIT (Bertg):
I just have deleted the phonenumber for security reasons. so it’s not visible for crawlers, spammers etc. I hope, that’s ok for you.
@Fiede97: you can ask @pieternobel for contact data by pm.

Hi @Fiede97
I will take part in an interview with you with pleasure,
This sunday morning would be ok for me,
Next thursday after 17:00 also ok,


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Here another volunteer in case he needs it :blush:.

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