Interrupt/Cancel update?

Is there any way to cancel an update for FP3? I am on Android 11 currently but already downloaded the update. Unfortunately it immediately started to install the update and is now waiting to restart. (Why the hell is there no “Install? yes/no” popup?!).
Because of the issues with the fingerprint reader (my banking app is on the list of apps not working) I really don’t want to update. Is there a way to cancel this?

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oh thanks! I had found that option in the developer options but wasn´t sure it would help!
(And I will definitly be starting another thread about why my phone won’t update in a while because I forgot that I unchecked that option :see_no_evil:)


Best option is not to download the update in the first place and put up with the nagware notification saying “your phone is xx days out of date”. I don’t know of anyway to stop that. The developer option will only stop an already downloaded update from installing (I think)

We won’t remember either :laughing:

issues with the fingerprint reader (my banking app is on the list of apps not working

funny how the issue is due to the fingerprint reader being classified as “insecure” and the result is users end up staying on actually known insecure software to keep it working, in which case the latter is far worse than just allowing it in the first place.


This is a very common pattern, in business and personal life, and books on implementing security measures are full of anecdotes about it; if security gets in the way of people doing their work/daily things, it’s security that gets dropped. People that make security policy always need to be very aware that their policies don’t reduce overall security. This is for instance why NIST dropped the recommendation for expiring and changing passwords every few months: it ended up lowering security because people would use very simple passwords or write them down, as the change (and associated forgetting of the passwords) interfered with their work.


Yeah… I am waiting for a definite answer to this whole thing from Fairphone.
The whole “need to use fingerprint” has always annoyed me anyways. As a rock climber the sensor stops recognizing my fingerprints 2 or 3 times a week anyway. Every time I use that banking app I have to first make sure that my fingerprints are recognized (or add a new one)

What exactly are you waiting for? That Google does not certify the sensor as security device was already communicated.

I am waiting for Fairphone (and I guess Google, because I doubt Fairphone are the only ones with that problem… and maybe my bank?) to clearly say “yes, we are seriously saying that all these sensors that were fine a week ago are now not secure and you will all have to buy new phones”. It’s not clear to me if Fairphone can actually do anything but at least Google and my bank (or their software engineers) could fix this problem by either realizing that they usually don’t have these restrictions on old devices or that it makes sense to allow pin instead of fingerprints (since with the pin people can just add new fingerprints anyway)
Maybe I am being naive but in my experience as a software developer these things can change when everyone had a chance to look at the consequences of their decisions and how pissed users are and that it will keep them from updating their software.
Also: Probably wait for Fairphone 5 if I do indeed need a new phone. That’s probably faster than actually having to decide what other phone I want.


I do have a similar issue. I am getting a notification about the pending Android 13 update about 2x a day in the notification bar. In addition, I get a popup window reminding me of the update every other week. Yesterday this window popped up on me, right when I was tapping something else on the screen, and whoops, the update was about to start. Luckily I am never on Wi-Fi, so the update paused immediately to wait for Wi-Fi. But now I am afraid to turn on Wi-Fi, as the update might resume (you never know).

Is there a way to reset this update, or even better, stop this nagging altogether?

Note: I am not rooted (stock Fairphone3 Android 11).

Did you follow the suggestion by @mmxmmx posted here? (post 240)
I haven’t had any nags to upgrade since. :+1:

Have you disabled Automatic System updates in Developer options? That should stop any downloaded upgrades being applied.

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Thanks, that removed the notification.

I do have the Automatic System Updates disabled. But still I don’t want the phone to download the update, because then I am really just on step away from bricking my phone. In the System Update screen it says “Download paused, on cellular, …” and there is a ‘Resume’ button. But I am not sure, whether the update really waits for me to press this button as soon as I go on Wi-Fi, or if it just starts the download anyway.

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Have you tried clearing the Google Play Services cache?

Now I did. But it didn’t help. The System Update is still paused.

I have no more ideas, sorry. Hopefully when Fairphone push their next A13 update, the partial image you have of 6.A.18.0 will be unable to complete.

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