Internet usage not showing mobile hotspot usage?

Dear all,

I just in one day finished my 3gb data usage according to the Vodafone app.

But when I check the build in Fairphone mobile usage it only mentions 455mb?

I have used it as a mobile hotspot and the hotspot doesn’t show up in the overview which is very strange (it showed in other android phones I have used).

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

I’ve used mobile hotspot lot of times and I’m sure data usage overview has shown data usage for hotspot.
Are you using FPOS? Version?

I just updated to 18.04.1 still no hotspot in the overview

I’m on the current beta so it might look a bit different but I’m sure I saw on 18.04.1 a similar info like the one I see now:
(well, for September it was only a bit of traffic - but depending on usage it was often much more…)
Are you possibly using any additional app for Hotspot, VPN or … which might interfere here?

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I know, that is what makes it so weird, hotspot isn’t visible and I have used it (and finished 3gb).

Did you get any solution to this. I have exactly the same problem and given that the hotspot is my biggest user of data this is pretty vital!

Actually not, I just updated to Android 7 but that didn’t change anything actually, still no hotspot in the overview.

Ah, updating to Android 7 was my next step but sounds like it may be pointless.

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