Internet in Tanzania doesn't work

Hey Guys,

Next Tuesday, I am going to move to Tanzania for 10 months! I want to take my fairphone (first edition) with me, but yesturday, my friend, who is in Tanzania at this moment, told me that her internet doesn’t work. The phone is able to connect to WIFI but without WIFI, she couldn’t connect to the internet… Do you have any idea to solve this problem? I am a bit desperate, because I don’t think there will be any WIFI where I am going to live…

Check out ✏ Will my Fairphone work in another country? (How to check worldwide mobile phone frequencies)

If I got the list there right, you should be able to get a data connection in Tanzania.

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It’s not only a matter of the frequency but what about coverage.
To give you an idea, I just spend a week in a national naturepark in the Netherlands and the coverage of the mobile signal and the television signal was very very bad.

There can be any number of reasons for that including:

  1. Poor reception.
  2. Not setting up the APN correctly.
  3. If using multiple SIMs, activating the data connection on the wrong SIM, or setting the wrong SIM to 3G.
  4. Having a 4G only data bundle (not supported on FP1)
  5. Having a contract that does not allow data at all.
  6. If roaming on a foreign SIM, no agreement between carriers on data.

1 is a problem, 2 &3 can be fixed, and 4-6 can be avoided by carefully picking a local SIM that will work. See the links posted by urs, the database lists which providers use which bands.