Internal Storage - Strange Behaviour

Good Morning,

I am suddenly having problems with the internal shared storage on my FP2.
From the very beginning I have been using a SD card for all apps and files that could be stored there. Out of the blue my phone started to react very slowly yesterday and not long after noticing that I got some notifications, saying the storage space was running out. I had a look at the storage settings and was surprised to see that the Internal storage of 29.12 GB was almost full!
The SD card’s storage was less than 50% full.
So I went through all apps and files, deleted some, moved all apps (which let me do it) to the SD card (where I actually thought most of them were already!).
I checked the storage settings and - everything was fine again, internal storage reduced to almost half the space, SD card storage surprisingly only a little bit fuller than before.
I took a screen shot, and used my phone until I turned it off down last night.

This morning I turned it on again, and… not long until I got the notifications again. I checked the storage settings, and again the internal storage is almost full.

Does anyone have an idea what is happening??

Many thanks!!

I am attaching screenshots of the notifications as well as the status of the storage settings yesterday and today.

You might not like it, but most forum regulars here strongly recommend not to format an SD card as part of the internal/phone storage. We keep getting reports of other users that internally formatted cards cause problems.

Instead, formatting it as portable/mobile storage reduces the risks that come with the first option.

In your case, I would backup/save all data from the SD card (on a computer or another medium) and then reformat the card to external/portable/mobile storage.


Thank you for your reply, Urs!
If I understand correctly, using the SD card as portable/mobile storage would mean that all apps would need to be stored on the internal storage, and the SD card is only there for files.
In my case, I am using way too many apps to fit on to the internal storage - I guess this is the reason why I decided to use the SD car as internal storage in the first place…

Mmh, will have to think about it

I am just puzzled how the phone is acting out on this!

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Yes, the apps themselves would all be on the built-in internal storage then.

I do admit that some apps make it really hard to use an SD card formatted as mobile storage to “outsource” their data (photos, videos, music), yes. However, if you usually take photos and/or videos with a dedicated camera app (like the pre-installed “Camera” app or OpenCamera), you can move all photos and videos to the SD card every now and then and still view them in the Gallery app. The same works with most music apps – you can store music files on the mobile storage SD card and the app on the internal storage can still play them without issues.

However, if (for example) you often take photos or videos with a messenger app like Whatsapp, this would sever the link between these photos and videos and the app – you could still view the photos, but not within Whatsapp.

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Yes, I wouldn’t mind moving things like pictures and videos to the SD card.
However, I still fear I would need to reduce the number of apps I am using…
I will think about it. Thanks anyway!!

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How many apps are you using? I have 130 apps on my FP2 and they fit in my internal storage, and I have a family member who has around 400 and for him as well. All our files and a lot of app data are on an external SD-card. Of course, it depends on the size of the apps you’re using.
Sometimes, one can be surprised as to how many apps one can fit on 32GB. If you move all your files and store all possible data on your SD-card, it may work.

Also, you can try these instructions if you need to reformat the card (though indeed it might not migrate well if the storage is full, you may need to do it manually):


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