Intermittent screen issue

Hello all,

My screen is showing intermittent problems. It gets just like the photo attached.

Do you have any idea where could it come from and if it can be repaired ?

Thank you in advance for your precious help,


Hello and welcome to the forum.
Sorry, to read and see your troubles.

Do you have any idea regarding the reason; i.e. did something happen to the phone (like dropping it)?
When my FP2 came up with a display like that, I unfortunately had to replace it.
Though my display did show this picture all the time and not just intermittently. So you might face another problem here, or it is in the process of breaking down.
Maybe there is a #fairphoneangel in your area, that could assist you with a spare display for checking out, if a new one solves the problem. Ordering one just in case would be a bit of a gamble (depends on your budget an how risk-loving/risk-averse you are).

But maybe someone with more technical knowledge can help you and offer solutions/explanations here.

Two things you can check:

  1. (Remove the protective case first and then:) Check if you can see any gaps between the display module and the rest of the phone on the slim side of the phone. If you do, gently press them together to close the gaps. If that doesn’t solve it …
  2. You might want to separate the display module from the rest of the phone and put them together again as described here:

Hi BertG and thanks for your reply.

To answer you: well, I drop it occasionnally but no significant event today.
I Already had this issue a month ago, then it got resolved by itself.
It is happening again today.

Good point, I’ll write to a fairphone angel today.



Hi urs_lesse,

Thank you for the solutions you provided.
Number 1 did not worked.
I’ll try number 2 with my screwdriver when I’m home. Hope it works.



Good luck :+1: And when you put together again the two parts, also make sure to close any gaps (in fact, the display usually even works without the 13 screws if the plastic holders click into place, but only do that to TEST, not permanently).


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