Interface sounds really loud?

I have set my volumes to fairly low, because anything higher than half - i can clearly hear the speakers clipping, and not by a small amount. So i have set it all nicely. Typing sounds ( which i like ) and unlocking / locking and misc. UI sounds somehow sometimes default to full volume, which hurts not my ears but my head too. And i think some apps sound like they override volume tho i cannot be certain ( damned viber ).

Am i going mad or did someone noticed it too ?

I have this limitation too. Notificatios come with full volume. I could not find a way to set their specific volume / no specific volume slider.

On my FP3 running stock A10 3.A.0134 the notification volume is controlled by the same slider as the ring volume (bell icon).

If you go to [Settings > Sound > Default notification sound] you should be able to adjust this volume with the + | - buttons.

However I don’t know which volume setting controls miscellaneous sounds such as screen-locking or kb.

I have it all set, and notification volume UNLINKED from ring volume, thats not the problem. Namely, whatsapp, when it runs in FOREGROUND takes, i dont know, priority? and blasts all sounds full volume, even tho settings are different. So when i have my phone somewhere and notification rings its OK, when i open to type and i receive another message or the person is responding i go deaf. Like, its so loud i can hear the poor speakers clipping on some notifications

I could post a screenshot from my settings but i get what you meant, and i repeat, i have set all the individual volumes as i would like it.

Using caps here only to separate and define what and when, no “shouting” :wink:

first thing I always do when I set up a phone, is turning of all sound for keyboard or disaply or locking etc pp. as I never found this in anyway useful. So the 2 steps I do is:
1.go to settings-sound-advanced-scroll down and deactivate all nasty sound and vibration.
2. go to setings-system-language-keyboard keyboard-
settings-turn of all sound and vibration.

If you dont want to turn off completly I think there is no way to adjust volume of such sound.

Ah, but i found out i can type much faster and easier when i have at least one “tactile” thing, namely sound as a feedback. Dont know why typing without sound feels so unnnatural to me

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