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In dem Interview fällt die Zahl 160.000 für die Anzahl von Fairphones. Ich hatte zuletzt immer Schwierigkeiten, genau so eine Zahl zu finden. Und ich meine mich erinnern zu können, letztes Jahr bei der Neu-Gründung des Hamburger Meetups mal Slides von Fairphone gesehen zu haben, wo irgendeine Zahl >200.000 drauf stand.

Gibt es irgendwo eine offizielle Zahl und hab ich die einfach nur übersehen bisher?

Slide 6 of the general Fairphone presentation put together for the FairSwap events originally included an erroneous number of 260000. This was later (September 2017) corrected to a vague 135000.


Trigos Award 2018:


Ah, thanks, so 160.000 Fairphones is the correct number. That way, I can continue to put it into relation to the production capacity of iPhones per day (according to some article is 500.000) whenever there is a discussion about the impact some people expect Fairphone to have on the smartphone industry :wink:


Nice! Congratulations on the success, more to come in the future :slight_smile:

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Durability-wise, iPhones are solid. I mean, no, you cannot replace the hardware yourself as easily, but iOS supports all 64 bit processors used recently. Also, some people want or like iOS. If you look at the iPhone performance though, the most expensive models are tough to beat.

Fairphone’s competition lies in Android; that is where it can improve. And if you look at HMD (Nokia) reborn popularity they also have that in their formula. Midrange smartphones with good battery life and sustainable lifetime are a goldmine because they meet market demand (including the geeksphere), and create brand recognition.

There is so much differentiation that the Dutch website Tweakers today released a best buy guide for smartphones with 5 categories (“without taking price into account”, “best bang for the buck”, “best camera”, “small smartphones”, and “longest battery uptime”. [1]

[1] https://tweakers.net/reviews/6369/smartphone-best-buy-guide-juli-2018.html (in Dutch)

Regardless if we agree with the outcome, it just goes to show how many different use cases and values users have. And they didn’t even discuss certain niches such as firmware support or sturdy phones. Which can be pretty cheap [2] (akin to CAT60 but w/o the thermal camera).

[2] https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Global-Version-Ulefone-Armor-2-6GB-64GB-Smartphone-Dark-Gray-384827.html

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As far as I know:
60.000 FP1+FP1U
100.000 FP2
So totally approx. 160.000 Fairphones sold!


I was reading through this week’s “This Week in F-Droid” (TWIF #28) and found an interesting read.

Mats Sjöberg writes in his blog about his experience simplifying his digital life. He emphasizes the low-level stress that today’s technology bring along, the value of personal free time and express a concern about mass surveillance. If you are curious how he lives without Google and embraces open source technologies in his Fairphone 2 running Fairphone Open and the F-Droid app store, go give it a read:

Simplifying my digital life — Mats Sjöberg - blog

Edit: Oh! I just discovered he has an account here in the forum, so… thank you for sharing your experience, @sazius!


Fake news or just "bla - blabla" :rofl:
I couldn´t find any serious date of issue for this short article. 2015 no one could even think of anything after FP2.
Anyway I think it´s nonsense.

It’s just a sarcastic user comment left on a 2015 article on Heise - this site has all the comments users leave on their article as individual pages. Not that there’s always much difference these days between journalist-written articles and user-spewed comments…


Yes, here I am :wave: Glad you liked my blog post :slight_smile:


EN: https://qz.com/1332978/10-million-worth-of-cobalt-stolen-from-rotterdam/

NL: https://tweakers.net/nieuws/141187/dieven-stelen-114-ton-kobalt-in-rotterdamse-haven.html

:de: Arbeitet m.E. sehr klar die entscheidenden Unterschiede zwischen FP2 und dem neuen Shiftphone 6m heraus:

Unter anderem: Shift mit aktuellerem Betriebssystem, sehr großem Akku und Gerätepfand, aber halt auch mit schnellerem Generationswechsel. FP2 unübertroffen einfach reparierbar und leichter/handlicher.

:gb: utopia.de compares the new Shiftphone with the FP2 – Shiftphone having the more up-to-date OS, a very high capacity battery and a recycling deposit, but produces new models much more frequently. FP2 unsurpassed in ease of repair and lighter/handier.


Looks nice, also has NFC. Bit large IMO. Did they create their own theme? Those white icons are very nice. Is there such a thing in F-Droid or Play Store as well?

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I hope this wasn’t yet posted:


It’s an article of the Forbes magazine about Bas van Abel and of course the story of Fairphone. It is written in German. I guess most of is already known, but nonetheless it’s a nice read. :sunglasses:


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