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:de: From September 13th, mostly about the Fairphone 2



Shia lives a zero-waste life and talks about smart phones (in German). Fairphone is mentioned as being the best alternative next to having no smart phone.


Sometimes the lack of spare parts might not be so bad. Especially if you’re a pacifist.


I came across this in the latest issue of the German c’t computer magazine. A company we all know scores best :smile:. And I think we are on the way to world domination - “17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies…” :


You don’t read the blog, do you? :grin:

A NZZ.ch article that my cousin sent to me (it’s in German):

What I learned from it is that the Shiftphone is going modular too. Let’s see how this turns out…


I thought you guys might enjoy my blog post about the price of ethical hardware:


I guess the posting by @JK_GreenStarsProject

or rather his blogpost:

belong here as well.
I am really impressed by his thourough research.


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Good article in French about the new camera:

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Le télé­phone portable (y compris le Fair­phone, promu dans l’ap­pel) s’ins­crit dans la caté­go­rie des « tech­niques auto­ri­taires » décrite par l’his­to­rien Lewis Mumford. Les « tech­niques auto­ri­taires » sont celles « qui émergent de struc­tures de pouvoir auto­ri­taires et les renforcent » (Derrick Jensen), celles qui requièrent des struc­tures sociales hiérar­chiques à grande échelle. Les « tech­niques auto­ri­taires » s’op­posent aux « tech­niques démo­cra­tiques » qui peuvent être entiè­re­ment contrô­lées (durant toutes les étapes de leur concep­tion) par une commu­nauté à taille humaine.


It’s mainly about a company called MMR which is exploiting workers. And Fairphone is mentioned as one of its first clients. :frowning:

BTW, is it just me, or do all the huge images/videos embedded in that article make it almost unreadable?


No problem with blazing fast Firefox 57. :sunglasses:

About avoiding conflict material (written in German):

Fairphone is not mentioned, but good to see that other manufacturers also starts to care.

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Nah, I didn’t mean performance wise. This media content totally interrupts my reading flow. A simple heading instead of screen-sized pictures with the corresponding text in it would do.

But then I have a general problem with these “modern” web pages that seem to consist of only images/videos and no “real information” :smiley:


My grandmother just told me she saw a movie about Fairphone in Austrian Television:


“Geplanter Murks” is a documentary on planned obsolescence.

PS: Fairphone is first mentioned at 35:16 (after a lot of missed opportunities for mentioning it). :wink:

PPS: At 43:15 it’s finally mentioned how Fairphone fights planned obsolescence and e-waste.


A German blog-article about the new camera module (17th October 2017).

They have two pictures with the following caption (translation - and any errors on that behalf - by me):
"Fairphone 2 – new camera module: left a picture with the old camera, right a picture with the new camera (about 15 minutes later)."
So it took them about 15 minutes to change the modules on the spot (i.e. on the street). Get that! Any other phone, you can do that with?
Right, none!

The conclusion of the camera test:

I’ll try a translation (corrections are welcome :))
Utopia says: On behalf of sustainability it might not really be appropriate, if a sudden run on the new camera module starts, just to “have the latest model”. On the other hand, the old camera was a fatal flaw of the Fairphone 2 - that now is a thing of the past: the new camera really is way better and worth it’s price. With that, the last flaw of the FP2 remains the weak battery.

Later on in that article they talk as well about the following aspects:

  • the Android 6 update and how easy it is to install
  • alternative/free OSs: FP Open, Ubuntu Touch and a possible cooperation with Uhuru Mobile a special, secure Android (the links are copied from that page)
  • Why to get a Fairphone

and they link to a gallery as well, showing how to exchange the camera and other modules.


German article, unfortunately behind paywall (haven’t read it myself)

The title and first few visible sentences don’t sound positive :frowning:

Edit: I registered myself at blendle.com (which I meant to do anyway) and have read the article now. I don’t know. Replace “Fairphone” with any other smartphone manufacturer and I’m sure you’ll find people who could share the same story…


Read that one yesterday as well.

She basically shared her tale of woe with her FP1. She had some issues with some sensors (display turn on and off while the called someone -> hanged up accidentally from time to time) and with the sound. Additionally she could not install some apps she needed while studying because of the outdated OS of the FP1. She also visited Fairphone in Amsterdam.
After her FP1 fall down and was broken completely she was somehow facilitated. Finally she bought a iPhone :thinking:.

The final sentence is her interests as a smartphone user won against ethical thoughts.

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