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I guess they need the resources still working on the FP2 for other “projects”, so its a bit sad, still completely understandable.


If they would transfer the in-house software development from the Fairphone 2 to the Fairphone 5, it would be a win for the Fairphone 5 in my book.
How they go about issues and updates on the Fairphone 2 seems to me to work out better overall than the outsourcing done for the successors.


Rossmann has found comprehensive schematics for the Fairphone 4 on the Fairphone website, which he likes.
I wasn’t aware of their existence, when were they uploaded? And is there something similar for the Fairphone 3?

  • It runs on Android 9

Might feel like it, but yeah, they didn’t research that one very thoroughly, did they :roll_eyes:


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Fairphone receives €49 million investment

Press release (PDF, 2 pages) | Source (Twitter), screenshot below

Noud Tillemans is Fairphone’s CFO



Now Fairphone has enough money to get two or three more employees for their support! :sweat_smile:


Only reason for the funding is that they can afford @z3ntu :joy:. Worth every penny.


I think I can publicly state that I’m not the sole recipient of this money :money_mouth_face::rofl:




Check your forum… I’ve just read a recent post of someone wanting to repair their FP2… most parts NOT available in the FP shop… the irony!

Don’t blame me :wink: I’m just sharing an article.

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No blame here… just a recent buyer of the product mentioned in the article stating the exact opposite of the articles content…

10 Minutes, everyone using a Smartphone should watch


Yes I’ve seen ~ yet much like the Fairphone I wouldn’t recommend either to any :cry:

  • Everyone ‘could’ watch :question:
  • Most phone users are busy taking selfies :slight_smile:
  • Some people already know and don’t want to be reminded :see_no_evil:
  • Some Fairphone owners may look at it and feel uncomfortable :scream: :
  • A few users wish they weren’t consumesr where anyone and anything suffers at their expense. :om:
  • Not a single person will stop exploitation. :

:airplane: :tractor: :blue_car: :ferry: :high_heel: :accordion: :guitar: :saxophone: :radio: :dvd: :one_piece_swimsuit:

No, should is what I wanted to say, not could and you dont need to agree to that. My opion is mine, yours is yours, no need to agree.

I did get your tone, I just can’t sit by and agree :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s myEnglish interpretation and use, [should’] which is a directive, a command an authoritative control.

Context matters! Typically must is a stronger form than should, however in some circumstances, should is used as an absolute command but is simply ‘softer’ or more polite

But I see that a lot of people see ‘should’ as advice, but nevertheless a bit pushy.

Sadly I hate the word. I’ve been told a lot of what I should and should not do.

A problem with written text is that it is black and white there is no choice, i.e. text can seem authoritative. So when I use words that can have such a ‘definitive’ character I use quote marks to say ‘something like this’

In speech telling someone they should do something although authoritative can be challenged and of course there can be better context and tone to moderate the meaning.

Ok, it’s a must-see for you then :wink: .

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