Interested in fp5 but still have functioning fp3


Hi! I wanted to ask for opinions… I have a FP3 since 2020 or so (I have been been a FP owner since FP1, and very VERY proud). My FP3 works reasonably well, still, with just a couple of glitches/things missing, but minor for now. (E.g. I can’t download too many apps cos it slows it down, camera isn’t great, and can’t hold e-sims).

However, I am interested in the FP5 now. It looks like a great device! But I am also conscious of the fact that the whole idea is to try and keep our devices as long as possible. What do you think/advise?

Do you really need/want some features of the Fairphone 5 that the Fairphone 3 hasn’t?
If not …
A reason for buying a Fairphone 5 is the use of the Fairphone 3 as backup.


Or to sell it to someone who can’t afford a brand new Fairphone.


If this issue wasn’t there from the start, a factory reset should be able to clean this up.
The factory reset would delete your data, the Apps you installed and their data as well as user settings. After a reboot the phone would start with the initial user setup again, as it was at the very beginning.
The OS is left untouched and stays the same. It can be reinstalled as a step further in case a factory reset isn’t enough to remedy the issue.

A case for, perhaps?

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If I were you, I would primarily use the FairPhone 5 and install Linux on the FairPhone 3. :grin:

If the FP3 is still okay, I would keep it. If you can keep it for probably 2 more years, the FP6 may be out by then, which will again be an improvement on FP5. :wink: And if it breaks beyond repair in the meantime you can buy a FP5 anyway

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Have look at the purchase decision diagram
or at the text version: Purchase decisions for FP3, FP4, FP5

Maybe you find an argument which helps to wait or to buy. If you want to buy a new phone and you can wait for several month you can try if a special offer or a discount action occurs at the FP shop.

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Like you I have been running FP for a while though I started with a second hand FP2. I have had my FP3 also since about 2020. Biggest advantage for me of upgrading would be 5G compatibility. But, I will probably keep going for at least another two years before upgrading by which time 5G coverage will have improved a lot from the current level.

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