Insufficient space, at least that's what the phone says

I had this exact same problem a while back. I finally found a soluti, which did the job for me. You will need a root file manager like the one included in TOM toolbox ( When you open the root browser you need to go to data–>app-lib and erase whichever app you can’t update or install. Afterwards go to the play store and download it.

I hope that helped.

Maybe a good tip SirLukeSchande :slight_smile:
In my case, I solved the problem… by installing Cyanogenmod :slight_smile:

I’ve tried all the things you say, but my phone on google plays keeps saying ’ insufficient storage error’ , even if hough I still have like 249 MB left. I’ve got a android smart 4 turbo - how do I solve this?

@Amalka_Slavikova, do you have a Fairphone?
Because everything writen on this forum is for users with a Fairphone.


Like @Lidwien says this is a Forum about the Fairphone. Also this topic is quite outdated.
If you do have a Fairphone and have this issue following two topics are more up to date atm:
Insufficient storage error even after partition upgrade for FP1
Memory is full

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