Installing apk files LOS 15.1

Hi there,

after upgrading to the latest TWRP version I was able to upgrade to LOS 15.1. I was wondering that all my data is gone, because in my opinion standard wiping wouldn’t delete the internal storage but format the root partition.

I did backup all data with Titanium Backup, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. But how can I install apk files with LOS 15.1??

I did download the apk but the LOS 14.1 way dosn’t work. I went to Einstellungen/Apps & Benachrichtigungen/Erweitert/Spezieller App-Zugriff/Unbek. Apps installieren but there is no App to give permissions.

How can I get this running?

Thank you for your help!

Put the APK onto the SD card in the phone.
The stock File Manager App can install it from there.

If you don’t have an SD card in the phone, #dic:adb is your friend.


You’re my hero!
Thank you! :muscle:

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