Installed Fairphone Open 17.06.4 and only got a Home panel

Hi there,
after having technical problems with my Fairphone 2 my new (refurbished) phone arrived today…
As I was already using Fairphone Open in the past, I started this evening with installing the new Fairphone Open 17.06.4. The installation went well but now I’m kind of confused as I only got a Home panel - the two other panels for Recent Contacts and Recent Apps you could navigate to by swiping left or right are missing…
Searching the forum doesn’t bring me any results, so I just wanted to ask if anyone else got this problem or if this is just normal with the new Open OS?

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Those were widgets exclusive to Fairphone OS Android 5.
You can get them back (community developed versions) from F-Droid; more info here:

To create a new home panel simply long tap on a free space (or the dots that indicate which screen you are on) and drag a widget to the right side of the screen.

…thanks a lot for the fast answers - so everything seems fine and I can continue with the installation of my new phone :slight_smile: - Great forum!

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