Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP4 - “FP4” (beta)

good point!
Thanks for that!

If not have a look at or


but be careful. you can also become paranoid very quickly and stress yourself to the point of no return…
I have meanwhile really hit the brakes. if you deal with it properly and do not pay attention it goes deeper and deeper and you have more and more concerns. that can have a really negative effect on your psyche.

i’m more pragmatic about it now. as much as necessary as little as possible. i don’t drive myself crazy anymore.


if you’re looking for some decent email options, Tutanota and ProtonMail are worth checking out, too. I’ve been using the former for a few years now and I’m quite happy with it.

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Is it possible to extract the original camera app as executable or installable apk file from original rom?

To use in /e/ and to have the wide range

You can try it, I uploaded it here.
I see two problems:

  • It depends on Google Photos, IIRC
  • Maybe needs to be a system app (could be solved with Magisk)

Edit: Here’s the relevant part in the manifest:

        <package android:name=""/>
        <package android:name=""/>

Not sure if that means that’s a hard dependency :thinking:

Edit 2: The documentation on <queries> doesn’t make this any clearer for me, maybe someone with Android packaging experience can answer that :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks @hirnsushi but as you already mentioned, it is not working. starts but chrashes then after a few microseconds

Using the /e/ camera app, I was able to switch cameras to wide angle using the camera icon with the “+” sign near the zoom slider. Since it kind of overlaps with the slider, it is easy to miss when tapping on it (and change zoom instead)

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you’re right, but the quality is poor.
normally i use the wichaya gcam port, but for wide angle would it be nice to have it…

anyhow, it is not that important for me. i am not the photographer :wink:

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Anyway, it would be nice if the /e/ camera app could be improved in the near future…

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I’m very pleased with my posteo account


has any of you had any success installing Magisk on /e/? when I try to use the Magisk app to patch the boot.img that comes with /e/, it crashes immediately.

Discussed here I think

Edit: and here


thanks! I didn’t notice that.

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Thanks for the kind words. It is off-topic here, I know, but living in Switzerland, my wife works in an institution with mentally handicapped people. About 2 years ago, the local police showed up, because they were informed by US FBI that someone in the institution was accessing dubious web pages. This is no legend, it really happened. I really do not approve dubious web pages, but this shows how things are working today…

Edit: “dubios” actually means illegal

you are absolutely right and it is a must and not optional.
but it must not take you over completely
anything is better than nothing. even the longest journey begins with the first step


Thanks to you! I was falling in desperation, but I remebered your post and it save me.

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can you /e/-ers check if NFC works for you? I’ve noticed that I don’t have a way of enabling it.

I saw your comment also in /e/ community

I can enable NFC and read a NFC tag I use for “Automation” app.
I can also write NFC tags with that app.
So, for me and my requirements it is working well…

No other possibilities to check it. No Paying apps, etc…google pay or apple pay…
or is there another chance to test?

this is what I get in the settings, so I doubt testing with any apps would make any difference. tapping my NFC tag or NFC-enabled headphones doesn’t do anything.

edit: sometimes it looks like this, after the reboot. can’t press the toggle.

I’m using a modified boot.img to enable Magisk, I wonder if that could have something to do with it. I guess it’s something to test for another day.