Initial switching on of Fairphone

just received a new Fairphone, inserted sim card, charged it up. can’t switch it on. Help phone number not working. please help.


is there any reaction if you push the on button?
Did you try to connect it to a charger?
Maybe it helps to change the SIM card slot.

Good luck

when I push the button makes a noise & vibration but nothing to see. when charging initial red light went to green- but that’s the only thing that has lit up. Have changed sim card slot- no difference.

In that case (if there is no reaction from the screen) I would detach and reattach the screen:

If there is still no reaction, you should contact the Fairphone support team for replacement.

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I really have not got the time to effect such a repair on a phone that was clearly faulty when I received it and I have never used. I would like instructions on how to return it for a functioning replacement.


As Fairphone is not reading here, you should read the following.

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I have clicked on the link as requested and ended up going round in circles without discovering how to return this defective phone. I am beginning to consider simply returning this to get a full refund. I do support what Fairphone is trying to achieve but have found the website and this help centre not very good. Returning defective products should not be this difficult!



Just to remind you: this is a community forum. All people here are FP users, just like you. They try to help you by answering your question (“How do I turn it on?” - “It seems like your screen is not well connected. Try to disassemble / assemble. After all, that’s just a minute of work with a FP2 that is designed to be disassembled”), so please keep in mind we are not FP staff.

You claim to have read the link, but maybe this has escaped your attention:

What we need you to do for cool-off return:

To initiate this return, please contact our customer support.

If you click on this link and scroll down completely (or first read the tutorial “how to replace the screen”?), you see a big button “Send a question”. Here you can send a request to support and request a return.

Or you could cklick the link at the end of the article itself:

Have more questions? Submit a request

And just below that phrase, there is also a big “Send a question” button that leads to the contact form.

OK. thanks. So how do I get in touch with Fairphone staff?


By clicking on one of the many “Submit a request” buttons, of course.
But I would really advise you to watch the littler tutorial and try to disassemble/assemble your screen first. I’m quite sure this will solve your problem. I’m also quite sure this will be the first advise from customer support…

Just wanted to add that I had the same issue too.
The charger i used (a small one) was not powerful enough for 1st switch on.
I took a bigger charger from a colleague, charged few minutes, and it worked OK.
The charger was too weak for 1st charge, but now when the FP is already powered on, it’s able to give it a charge.
So maybe try other chargers.


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Thanks. I’ll try that


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