Individual ring-tones for contacts in FP2?

Is there a way how to assign individual ring-tones for phone calls to contacts?
I could not find such an option in the standard app “Kontakte” (as was suggested in the FP1-Forum).
Any hints are much appreciated.

Hi, you should try the following: open your Contacts App, choose the contact you want to set a different ringtone, tap on the pencil (upper right corner) and then tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. There should be an option called “set ringtone”.

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Hi Juli_R,
Thank you for this hint. There is such an option indeed. But then I can
choose only from predefined ring tones. How can I chose a random file which
I have on the SD-card for example?

I fear that this is not as easy as it maybe should be. The access of apps to the SD card is very limited/restricted under Android 5.1 so you should try the other way round. Put your favourite music files (as mp3 preferably) into the ringtone folder on the internal storage. Have a look into this topic to find out how to do this.

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Unfortunately, on my device there no path such as
"storage/sdcard0/Ringtones". I browsed through all the folders (using Amaze
and ES Explorer) and could not detect a folder “Ringtones”, I wonder were
they are saved. However, I installed Rings Extended which works fine for
selecting a file with a random path.

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I am glad you found a suitable solution. :slight_smile: I checked on that again and yeah - I had that “problem” too. No such folder anywhere. :confused:

But then, I tried the following: I created a folder with that name (“ringtones”) at that specific location (“storage/sdcard0”), copied one of my mp3 music files from the SD card into that newly created folder, opened a contact through the Contacts app to change the ringtone and voilà, my copied music file was among the choosable ringtones. :smile: So, this is working without any additional app.


Perfect! Thank’s for that leaner version. :slight_smile:

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