Incompatibility Sunrise SIM card (CH) and FP2?

My phone is stuck on 2G. The option allowing to choose network 3G or 4G is not active on my FP2 for this SIM card which is my main card (it’s active for the second SIM).

I changed SIM slots it’s the same. I put another sunrise SIM card in the phone it’s the same. I put the same SIM card in another phone no problem there…

Has anyone incounter similar problems with their SIM card?

It can only be active for one SIM at once. Deactivate it on the other SIM and try again.

If you already did this, check the APN settings.

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Have you put the other SIM card in 2G only mode? As @Irina_Spitznagel said, only one SIM card can be in 3G mode.

I did that (thanks) and I managed to chose 4G but it still shows E.

Maybe 4G and G3 are just not available in that moment in the place you are. At my home, it always changes, depending on the weather or on whatever… Yesterday I had only E, now it’s 4G…

It works!!!

Thanks :smiley: