Incoming searches to the Fairphone Forum (Top Traffic Sources)

I just found out that there are no longer only Google traffic sources to the Fairphone Forum. So I found it worth sharing that is rank 9 in the Top Traffic Sources. :grin:


Have a nice Sunday! :sunny:


I am using most of the time.
While it’s based on Microsoft Bing and therefore not exactly privacy-friendly, it pursues important environmental and social goals.
I wonder, if it shows up as ecosia or as bing in the list of traffic sources?


I use ecosia too and if I searched for the fairphone forum everytime instead of just using a bookmark I’m sure the stats would look differently. :wink:


I second that (wholeheartedly :smile: )!

That’s DDG having about 3,9% for the posts statistic once you count up the top 10. Its not surprise DDG is popular among privacy-focused crowd, some of whom are attracted towards Fairphone.

I think it is more funny that Bing is less popular than DDG. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so resentful towards Microsoft that I enjoy seeing them doing bad. Not happy about that.

I am very happy with DDG though! Using it as default engine wherever I can, and I can highly recommend it.

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