Incoming call can't be understood

Hello everybody,
for about two weeks now, i can’t really understand the person calling me, because the sound quality of my speaker (when close to my ear) is really bad,as if wind is going through the wire the whole time. What can eb done about it? Is there a garantuee on the phone? Where would I be able to use that garantee?

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If there is a fault with your phone hardware then there won’t be anything we can do from the community side of things on this forum (the forum is a community led forum, so you may not get responses directly from Fairphone).

I would suggest you contact Fairphone Support directly - if you go to the bottom of the page there is the contact number for support and also the button to ‘send a question’. The support team will get back to you as soon as they can (see this for details of likely timescales) and should organise a replacement or repair under warranty as long as it is a manufacturing defect and not misuse. You can find details of the warranty on the support pages.

I had exactly the same issue after updating to v1.6. I’ve triggered Fairphone support, after some tests requested by the support team they eventually said it would be most probably an hardware issue. So I sent the phone to Amsterdam, they’ve checked the phone and guess what, found nothing. The phone was returned, I had to pay for the assembly and the problem is still ON. Not much of support but I guess this is a software issue, that was present on v1.2 and now for some reason returned on v1.6, at least on my phone.


I have the same problem. I thought was the speaker, but after read you I think make sense was after the last updating. I heard like wind all the time when the other person speak. What can I do? I don’t want to send my mobile to Amsterdam for nothing…

If you are certain that the update has caused this problem, it has been reported here that downgrading is possible, although a bit tricky:

However, the reason behind must be a bit more complex than just the 1.6 update, since very few of us who have updated have experienced the same. I’m a bit worried over dsa83’s report on support/repair handling - it might well be that the techs couldn’t find any issues when testinmg but if so they ought to have suggested other explanations. Could the operator/network somehow be the culprit?

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I don’t think this is an operator thing. At the beggining I tested on both SIMs of two different networks of my home country in different locations, always the same issue. I travel from time to time and last month I’ve been in two different countries and on both the issue was ON.
Jorge, all I can say is, try first the support tips, the WA may work on your case, who knows.

Is there a final solution for this? I think I may have the same problem, but I’m not sure wether it is a Hardware or a Software issue,
The sound from the internal “handset” speaker is barely understandable. Only when I turn the volume down to nearly mute it is possible to understand the caller’s voice. With normal volume, you hear only hissing and metallic noises.
With headset or with the external speaker on the backside, the sound quality is normal. Hence it might just be a defect of the speaker. However, the problem started around the time of the last fair phone update and worsened significantly with the kola nut installation.
I will be very grateful for advice, as the phone is virtually unusable in this condition.

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The same here!
any solution yet? or order a speaker?

In my case, it was the speaker. Replacing it was straightforward with the instructions on ifixit, and it works fine since then.
(When dissassembling your phone, be careful with the camera, as described in the ifixit instructions! mine had problems with focusing, too after reassembly, as several people have complained; I could make mine work again by poking the lens carefully backwards a little with a stylus)

Sorry for replying so late

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