"inaccessible folder" how to change?

In the App “Simple ABP free”, it’s a music player, I cant access to my wish folder. It says “inaccessible folder” Is there a way to change that in FP?

no one knows how to change that for an folder?

Android’s filesystem permissions are a mess and keep changing with each release.
If the app doesn’t ask for access to all files, which it doesn’t, there will be certain folders it can’t access.

Have you tried moving your files to a folder it can access? :thinking:

The app hasn’t been updated for well over a year, maybe try asking the developer for assistance or potentially look for a replacement, if there is no response.

mooving the files: yes, i’m waiting for mail, i ordered a microSD

i’m hoping the developer is fine, He’s from Ukraine. (I asked him on google Play)

So moving them to another folder works?
A microSD card might not help you here, access to the SD card can be even more restricted.

Yeah, I noticed, hopefully they’re fine :pensive:

mooving works. BUT:
with the App I download the podcast, I cant choose an other folder. except on SD…
Something is wiked!