Improving FP1 performances

I’m still owning a FP1 and just received the NL regarding how to make the best of it.

As long as it works, I don’t intend to change it though I have to say that it has become a pain to use it : Slow, apps crashing are the most painful aspects.

Being a keep-it-until-it-breaks kind of person, I experienced the same with my previous phone. But I remember having done several things to improve performances that did help for a while. I reckon it could be a good idea to assemble those tips & tricks somewhere, eventually here.

  • First, is it possible to increase the FP1 RAM ? I guess not but you never know …

Secondly, for my former phone I set up swap partition on the SD card which did increase the available memory which clearly was the bottleneck there.

  • Has anyone does this with the FP1? If so, would (s)he explain the steps to achieve this?

The FP Newsletter suggested that Android 4.4 is coming but as far as I’m concerned I’m not sure this would be a great idea since this would certainly make all apps slower as they would assume that the phone is modern, which is not. :smile:

But instead, maybe there are other phone distributions that would be much more lightweight so the FP1 can work more comfortably (Eg. I saw a topic on the ubuntu phone).

  • Anyone has insights about other OS/distributions for the FP1?

  • Finally, has anyone any other tips to share?

Cheers, long live FP1!


Android #kitkat felt a lot snappier at the first installation, but after I had reinstalled #xposed, snappiness decreased a lot. So if you are using the Xposed framework, consider going Vanilla again.

#livingwogoogle also can speed up your phone as Google Apps tend to use a lot of RAM and CPU.

There are non.


PS.: Trying to hold on to my FP1 until at least January 2018. :slight_smile:

If your FP1 doesn’t charge anymore because of a broken USB-connector (like my wifes phone), you can buy the Onite Universal Akku Reise Ladegerät Schwarz für Smartphone Hochspannungsbatterie Akkus Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note 3 N9000/Note 2 N7100/S3 mini/S4 mini,LG Optimus G/G2/G3, Nokia/Motorola /HTC

With a second battery (to switch when one is charged) it works like a charm!

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