Impossible to stream Facebook Live

Hi! I need to do facebook lives for my work, but it doesnt seem to work on m’y (new) FP2! When i try to stream, the image freezes and then nothing happens… I cannot even “finish” (an error message says the live needs to be minimum 4 sec long). All I can do it quit the app itself.

I checked in the authorisations (under app settings) and everything looks normal (says FB is authorized to “take pictures and videos”/" record audio")…?!

Help please!!

To help people help, can you check which operating system you’re running? If you open the Fairphone Updater, it should tell you which version it is.

Hi, thank you for your message. i am with 1.8.1 (it says i am up to date, there is no update available). İn case you wonder, facebook app also is properly updated.
Looking forward to hear what you think it may be!

If’ve got the same problem, FP2 with Fairphone 1.8.1 OS. The preview of the facebook live stream works but when I’m going live the image freezes. Does anyone knows a work around or solution to that problem?

Ah exactly, this is what happens to me too! I still haven’t found a solution ans its getting really problematic for my community management work…
Looking forward to hear back for the tech team!!

Did you file a support request? The forum is a community effort (though the welcome banner isn’t too clear on this…), for official support responses you’ll need to go via the support form.

Other than that, I’m surprised that there’s only two mentions of this issue so far - I’d have thought there would more people using this feature and being able to comment whether this works for them at least.
(I can’t test this personally, so I’m not much use here - other than a ‘try uninstalling, then reinstalling the app’ advice which has helped for issues with some other apps, I don’t have anything specific)

OK good to know, I will do that. Thank you. Will post here again if/once I find how to make it work.

I have the same issue. 1.8.1.

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